AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Battery – Pack of 8

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Pack of eight 9 Volt Alkaline

Batteries 3-year shelf life so you can store for emergencies or use immediately Works with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, toys, and clocks; do not attempt to recharge Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging


5 in stock

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AmazonBasics 9V Everyday Alkaline Batteries

Keep everyday devices powered up and ready to use with 9-volt alkaline batteries from AmazonBasics. The batteries provide reliable performance across a wide range of devices, including garage door openers, smoke detectors, radios, toys, and other household items.

Note: these batteries are NOT rechargeable; for rechargeable batteries check out AmazonBasics’ rechargeable line.


  • Ideal for everyday devices
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Safe, leak-free design
  • NOT rechargeable

5-Year Shelf Life: Emergency Ready

The batteries provide a leak-free design, and they can be stored on a shelf for up to five years without losing power. The batteries are ready to work when you need them, offering ultimate peace of mind.

Use the long-lasting AmazonBasics batteries right away, or keep them on stand-by for emergency use—perfect for weather radios, flashlights, and other must-have devices.



Supreme Safety

The well-built batteries feature high-quality components to help ensure safe operation for both the user and the device.

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25.4 x 12.7 x 7.62 cm; 453.59 Grams

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July 11 2020

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Seattle, WA 98109, USA

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#1 in 9V Batteries

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  1. JMJR

    After researching online, I found that AmazonBasics batteries offer excellent run time, even though they are drastically cheaper than Duracell or Energizer. I’ve since switched exclusively to AmazonBasics batteries and buy them for everything with great results.


  2. Nukemaster

    It will be some time before I can see how these last compared to other brands.It is not as if most 9 volt powered devices are hard on batteries.Some users have reported these are longer or wider than other 9 volts. I have seen variations in other brands as well. They fit my devices fine so far.I will update if I have issues or a device they do not fit.


  3. LeoLeo

    A little worry of the size as many previous reviews state that its oversize and may not fit all device. Take a chance as I need to replace battey for my smoke detector and this is the cheapest value pack I can find and with fast shipping. It turned out to be good. This is the third day since installation so can’t comment on the longevity. How ever most importantly it fits. Maybe it’s just the batch I received (made in November 2020), but I took a comparison of the size with the Duracell and found no difference on size. I’d recommend it because its fit and value.


  4. MsMegatron

    Face it, batteries are a rip off no matter where you buy them. But these ones are the best value you were going to get for your money. They work as they are supposed to and considering they are used in smoke detectors primarily, I have enough to last several years. Very pleased.


  5. KMRockyKMRocky

    I love Amazon basics batteries. They are less expensive than the name brands and work just as well. I’ve bought AA, AAA, and now 9V this was the best value I could find for 9V batteries. These omes cost less than the ones I would buy in store. I needed them for our smoke detector and they are working very well. I will definitely keep buying batteries from Amazon.


  6. Kyle

    Some people reviewing this say that these ‘last longer’ than energizer or Duracell. That is false. We have done tests. This is sort of a ‘bang for your buck’ situation. They last approximately 1/2 as long as something like an energizer, at 1/4 the price. Duracell is approx 7/9 the mAh (milli amp hours) that an energizer is. Duracell is probably the most expensive for what it is. If you want the best, get energizer. If you want something that lasts pretty decent and is mega cheap get these. These are very good for the price but have less mAh which makes them have to be replaced much more often. Still about 10x better than a dollar store version and these are not much more then the dollar store. Quick notes on storing them:They will discharge over time – to avoid this keep in a cool fridge.Don’t forget when these are dead they are not garbage -you must take them to a battery recycler/battery store.Long story short Just buy them…And if you are a ‘frequent user’ make sure to subscribe and save for more savings. If you found this review helpful in anyway please click below.


  7. Director

    I was always buying Alkaline batteries at dollar stores until I found these Amazon Basics. They work great in smoke detectors and other uses, and it’s great to have extras on hand that have a long shelve life for those unexpected occasions when you suddenly find you need a battery.


  8. MarkMark

    These work like a charm! I’ve always been against rechargeable batteries, especially the brand names because I often found after a full charge they would only last a few hours if any. I, decided to revert back to buying batteries in bulk but again the price and quality was always my concern. Buying these at a Big Box Store or Dollar Store no matter how cheap or expensive they were, didn’t matter. They all would die out quite rapidly. I, made the decision to buy these and not only did the arrive in time, Amazon did an amazing job with the packaging. Being environmentally conscious; the packaging is a small box that is easily recyclable. In addition, the packaging is adequate enough to place in a drawer or side table.Now for the price you are getting 8, 9 Volt Batteries for a decent price. The Big Box Stores sell these either in packages of 2 or 4 and they range between $2.00 to $5.00. Even if they were cheaper to buy individually, I assure the quality isn’t.I, was having problems with the remote on my garage panel and had a name brand in their and it would always work indeterminately. Sometime not at all. Once, I replaced the battery with Amazon’s brand, I haven’t had My issues whatsoever. I, punch in my pin and the garage door opens right away. Before, I would be standing and repeatedly be punching Pin # and nothing would happen. I, thought it was a connection/wiring issue, but it was really in regards to the lame battery I had in it.I, will continue to purchase these through Amazon; I’m quite surprised and delighted that they have their own name brand. Great Price, great value.


  9. SeaVipe

    Each year, on January 01, I replace all the batteries in my home’s smoke and CO detectors with these batteries. The batteries could probably last for another year or more but annually is the best replacement policy for me. Can’t beat the price; excellent value.


  10. The Tech GuyThe Tech Guy

    Before purchasing these batteries I thought All 9V batteries were identical … Now I know they’re not.For the most part these AmazonBasics 9 Volt Batteries work great and for the price are an excellent value but there not for everyone and should be used and purchased with caution.The main problem with these AmazonBasics 9V batteries is they are Slightly Larger than most other 9V batteries and the battery posts or terminals on the top of the AmazonBasics 9V are slightly shorter or protrude less than other name brand 9 volt batteries.The AmazonBasics 9V batteries work well in my multimeter, wireless motion sensor, tone probe and tone generator however they don’t fit or work with my wireless microphone, mixer, guitar tuner or CO2 detector.I was intrigued by the slight difference in size between regular 9V batteries and the AmazonBasics brand so I took out my callipers and measured an AmazonBasics 9V and a Duracell 9V and here are the resultsLength: 0.59mm LongerWhen measuring the length of the battery from the top of the positive terminal to the bottom of the battery the AmazonBasics 9V battery is 0.59mm longer than a 9V Duracell battery.Thickness: 0.53mm ThickerWhen measuring the thickness the AmazonBasics battery was 0.53mm thicker than a 9V Duracell battery.Terminal Height: 0.45mm LowerWhen measuring the height or protrusion of the terminals on the AmazonBasics 9V battery compared to the Duracell it was visually evident that the terminals on the AmazonBasics 9V are lower and when measuring with callipers it turns out they indeed protrude out 0.45mm less than a 9V Duracell battery.After measuring the two batteries I now understand why the AmazonBasics 9V batteries will not work in some of my devices. The AmazonBasics 9V battery is too big to fit into the housing of my CO2 detector and guitar tuner.While the AmazonBasics 9V battery fits into the compartment of my cordless mic and microphone mixer the terminal posts are too short to make contact and therefore won’t power up these devices.So What’s the Verdict? There’s no denying these AmazonBasics Batteries are a fantastic deal and if you’re a Prime Member you get an additional 20% off bringing the cost per battery down to $1.37 each, compared to $3.24 each for Duracell 9V’s.For my uses, I find the AmazonBasics batteries last about 70% as long as the Duracell’s so when your factor in price and performance the AmazonBasics 9 Volts are a good value as long as they will fit and work in your device … and that my friends is the magic question.The bottom line – I will continue to purchase and use AmazonBasics 9V batteries for the devices they will work in andUnfortunately I will still have to use the more costly name brand batteries for the devices they won’t fit.

    The Tech GuyThe Tech Guy

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