COFFEE-MATE Powder Original, Coffee Whitener, 1.4kg Canister

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Coffee’s perfect mate since 1961.
Transform your coffee into creamy deliciousness
Lactose Free and Cholesterol Free
No refrigeration required; Enjoy a creamy coffee anytime, anywhere Extra Value! Coffee-Lover’s Format
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coffee powder

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  1. flavoured coffee

French Vanilla & Hazelnut


  1. Rich and creamy treat available in French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavours
  2. coffee creamer



  1. The original rich & creamy coffee enhancer, perfect anytime you want to enjoy a smooth cup of coffee
  2. coffee powder

Light (40% Less Fat)


  1. A deliciously creamy coffee enhancer with 40% less fat!

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coffee mateOriginal



vanillaFrench Vanilla


Available in 450 g and 1.4 kg

Available in 450 g and 1.4 kg 425 g 425 g Calories Per Serving

10 (per 2/3 teaspoon)

10 (per 2/3 teaspoon) 10 (per 1/2 teaspoon) 10 (per 1/2 teaspoon) Sugars

0 g

0 g 7 g 7 g Cholesterol Free

✔ ✔ ✔ Lactose free

✔ ✔ ✔

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  1. Canadian Jane

    As always, since milk has been modified to the point I never know what my body will do, Coffee Mate it is. I have, for a few years been enjoying terrible coffee, without putting real milk in my favourite dachshund mug. As an Italian, it is an utter disgrace to my culture. My dirty secret will have to come to my grave with me. Until something else comes around, this grainy, dry-yet greasy when rubbed between fingers… powder- will have to suffice. My body accepts this substances from North America without embarrassing races to ANY nearby public washrooms.My parents are… without a doubt… spinning in their graves. Italy would have a day of mourning and darkness knowing I—- have disgraced the coffee ritual. Please forgive me… I am no longer worthy of even visiting because I would deplete your supply of any coffee you offered until I would make the news as “that mad woman from Canada who is obsessed-rampaging wild with jitters- loitering- drooling in public- crying in fetal position sucking on ten varied pistachio cannolis- with stolen cappucino mugs from every café around. She is armed and dangerous walk away if you have just purchased coffee.” If the news takes it as street art, my embarrassing closeup would show my eyes darting wildly, while I screamed through a mouthful of cannolis, pointing at tourists, hugging all my cups, with powdered sugar all over my face like I was high on another familiar substance no longer found in Coke. Applause would fill the air as everyone snapped selphies with me on the ground for their Instagram of the day. The realness, the agony of it all. The humiliation. Coins dropping in one of the scattered expresso cups.I am sorry mamma and papà. I never expected modified milk in my lifetime. Thanks Coffee Mate for being the humble substitute.

    Canadian Jane

  2. TJS

    So rich and creamy! I even add it to hot chocolate.This is a better price than in any of my local stores and it comes to my door, giving me even more time to drink coffee.There isn’t anything to compare it to, it makes or breaks a cup of coffee. Unless you drink it black but then you shouldn’t even be here. Go away.


  3. Happydishwasher01

    Economical way to purchase a coffee whitener that gives a creamy taste to my daily cuppa without immediately cooling it off. Well known brand with a good shelf life, easy to transfer into a daily use container. Quite like this in my coffee.


  4. Blue!

    For less than the cost of two bottles in grocery stores we can have more than the volume of three bottles. I’d say that is a good deal. Plus I love the creamy sweetness like flavour without actually putting in cream. I get a good creamy look in comparison to using 50/50 cream or table cream I find using two rounded teaspoons is perfect. I put cream in my coffee according to the colour and when it reaches that creamy mocha colour is when I stop pouring. So to me, using two teaspoons is just about right.


  5. Love My Dog Abner

    I have no issues with this product. I have for years now used it instead of milk or cream. In fact, to the point where I no longer like putting milk or cream in my coffee. My only issue is wondering why, advertises three different prices for the same size of container, which none of them are the same price I paid for my first order in December ’18. Why the huge price increase Amazon and why the three different prices?

    Love My Dog Abner

  6. Jordan

    I used to think Coffee-Mate containers this size were only meant for offices or large families, but there’s honestly no reason not to have one of these at home as well even if you live alone and don’t host guests often. Smaller ones sold at grocery and dollar stores offer no value by comparison while this will last awhile and help save you money if Coffee-Mate was something you were already purchasing in smaller quantities. What I recommend is keeping a small container you may have previously purchased and using this one to refill it every so often as needed. Enjoy!


  7. JoyfulJoy

    For myself I was finding it expensive to buy real coffee cream! The prices kept going up & up. When I’d run out usually in evening, I’d have no cream, so no coffee. My son BBC suggested coffee mate and honestly I was very sceptical, but I gave it a go! I’m so glad I did!!! Honestly I’m not waiting money on real cream any more. Now I can go aWay and not worry about cream going bad. I am saving money, big time. Plus it’s really tasty. Win win all around.


  8. Amazon Customer

    My first and only cholesterol scare was caused by the homogenized milk I once to use to whiten my coffees. Switching to skim milk put my cholesterol levels in a safe enough zone by the time we checked them again a year later. I just discovered that a product and taste I enjoyed growing up, specifically Coffee-Mate, could have done as much also. Judging by the labels I have on the 1.4kg plastic containers this Coffee-Mate comes in, which do make me wonder, Coffee-Mate is not a significant source of fibre, sugars, cholesterol, sodium, calcium or iron. I wonder because the first ingredient listed is sugars. In any case, I’ve enjoyed using Coffee-Mate again and knowing I can easily whiten 100 cups of 8 ounce coffees, put it aside because I want to drink something else for a long time due to its rather long shelf life, unlike milk, I plan to continue buying it with pleasure.

    Amazon Customer

  9. Barcham

    I always like to have some CoffeeMate in the pantry just in case I run out of milk for my coffee, especially in the colder months. I was just about out when I decided to check here on Amazon for it and was amazed at the price. In my local grocery stores, I’ve been paying around 5 bucks for 450 grams, and this costs just a couple of dollars more for more than TRIPLE the amount. That’s a total no-brainer if you ask me. This container will last me over a year, and I filled up a smaller container for a buddy who uses it on occasion as well.Anyone who uses a pod coffee machine, no matter the brand, knows that the coffee they put out is not exactly steaming hot, which is another reason I like to use this powder over the cold milk out of the fridge. It does not drop the temperature of my coffee. Other than that, I am sure that everyone looking at this is well aware of what CoffeeMate is and how it tastes. You either like it or you don’t. If you do, this is a fantastic bargain and well worth picking up!


  10. DownEastCaper

    I’ve been using Coffee-Mate(powder) for many years and prefer it over milk or cream, as I don’t like the thick taste which milk and creamer adds to my coffee.The Coffee-Mate(powder) adds a subtle flavor to my coffee which I like, without disturbing the true coffee flavor.We purchase the 1.4kg canisters, which generally last us about a month and is great a value for its size and price.It’s great to see it available on Amazon and cheaper than my local supermarket too! ★★★★★


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